Membership and Benefits

In order to be eligible for membership, an agency must be a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia, or an agency thereof, which operates public transit systems.

Some of the benefits of joining VTLP:

  • Stable rates and consistent availability of coverage (unlike the commercial insurance industry)
  • Investment earnings and operating surpluses are retained in the pool for the benefit of its members
  • Low operating and expense ratios provide cost advantage over commercial insurance carriers
  • Deep safety and loss control expertise - loss control programs tailored to individual members
  • Deep claims expertise - we fight for our members
  • Bonded trustees, administrator and service company 
  • Opportunity for active participation as a member of VTLP's supervisory board
  • Detailed loss data analysis allows for accurate premium and rate development
  • VTLP does not have to deliver profit - commercial insurers typically build a 10-15 percent profit margin across all lines into their pricing
  • VTLP is exempt from a variety of taxes that commercial insurers have to pay – and build into their premiums


"We appreciate the transparency - candid conversations that aren't shaped by concerns about profit margins.  VTLP is a partner." - Josh Baker, General Manager, Alexandria Transit Co.