About Us


The Virginia Transit Liability Pool (VTLP) is a self-insurance option that pools the resources of its members to provide stable, affordable coverage. Originally formed in 1987, VTLP is a long-term insurance solution for Virginia public transit, offering a high degree of cost stability and control to member agencies.  It exists not to make a profit, but only to meet the unique needs of its members.    


 Because VTLP is non-profit and tax exempt, any surpluses are returned to members as dividends or retained to capitalize the pool at the discretion of the Member’s Supervisory Board. Rather than pay premiums to a commercial insurance company, VTLP members pool their funds and self-insure, which provides them with a high degree of control over their insurance destiny.   


Membership in VTLP is more than a business arrangement – members are owners, not customers.  There is a high degree of cooperation and mutual support between the members of the governing board, composed of chief executives of member transit agencies.  

VTLP is a successful partner of Virginia public transit systems and is committed to providing stable, low cost liability and fleet physical damage coverage for its members. 


 "More than just insurance, VTLP provides training opportunities and risk assessments.  They are willing to fight claims, which gives our board a level of comfort." - Brian Booth, General Manager, Greater Lynchburg Transit