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Roadmap to Drafting an Agency Safety Plan for Bus Agencies

Transportation Safety Institute (TSI)
Online Training Course

Course Overview:
This course will provide you with examples of how to translate the requirements of the Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan Regulation (49 C.F.R. Part 673) into a compliant Agency Safety Plan. Throughout the course you will review a job aid to assist you with developing or updating an Agency Safety Plan that is appropriately scaled to your bus transit agency.

Duration: Approx. 5.0 hours (self-paced)

Who Should Attend:

  • Transit agency personnel who are involved in drafting an Agency Safety Plan for bus transit.
  • State Department of Transportation personnel who are responsible for drafting an Agency Safety Plan on behalf of a small public transportation provider.
  • Contractors who are responsible for assisting in the development of a bus transit agency’s Agency Safety Plan.

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Transit Bus System Safety

Transportation Safety Institute (TSI)
May 18th - 22nd, 2020
Lynchburg, VA
(Sponsored by VTLP)

Course Overview:
Study the four pillars of Safety Management Systems (SMS) and how SMS and System Safety work together to help create a safer working environment. Discover how the application of engineering and management principles, criteria and techniques can help to lower safety risk to acceptable levels. Explore the concepts of safety climate, safety risk management, the hazard reduction matrix as well as the hazard reduction precedence.

Who Should Attend:
Agency Safety Plan (ASP) developers, implementers, and administrators, Transit Executive Managers, Human Resource Managers, Facility Managers, Risk Managers, Auditors, Design Engineering Vendors, Construction Vendors, Bus Transit Safety Managers, Safety Supervisors, Equipment Maintenance Managers, Equipment Maintenance Supervisors

Jamie McAlvain
(405) 954-1116

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Advancing Mobility Management

National Transit Institute (NTI)
June 16th - 17th, 2020
Ithaca, NY

Course Overview: 
Many transit agencies are embracing the concept of ‘mobility management’, which is a strategic approach to designing and delivering transportation services that starts and ends with the customer. It begins with a community vision in which the entire transportation network - public transit, private operators, cycling and walking, volunteer drivers, and others - works together with customers, planners, and stakeholders to deliver the transportation options that best meet the community's needs.

Traditionally, mobility management has focused on meeting the needs of individuals and groups (e.g., people with disabilities, older adults, low-income), in particular by coordinating and improving human services transportation. However, when implemented with a systems perspective, mobility management can move transit agencies away from their roles as fixed-route service operators and toward collaboration with other transportation providers. The idea behind this approach is to create a full range of well integrated mobility services within a community, that meets the needs of all customers better.

This course is designed to help build the capacity of transit professionals to implement and scale up mobility management strategies and initiatives and expose participants to promising practices in the field. Topics to be addressed include but not limited to:

  • Leading change in your organization and community
  • Articulating a mobility management vision, goals and desired outcomes
  • Building connections among integration partners
  • Tools to assist in partnership development
  • Measuring mobility management success and performance
  • Program and project implementation
  • Communication, outreach and marketing

Who Should Attend:
Mobility management professionals with 1-5 years of experience in transportation or mobility-related field and who play a role in implementing mobility management strategies, including: public transit agency professionals; 5310 sub-recipients; human services transportation providers; planning organization professionals; Veterans Administration employees; Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) service providers and others.

Fee: $300.00 for Contractor, Consulting, Non-USA Transportation or Government Agency, Other.  Free for all others. 

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